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  • Geographical span

North-western Iberia

  • Implementation

Since 2020

  • Funding

Fundação Para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Rocky shores are complex ecosystems where the 3D structure of rocks and the tides interact to generate a rich thermal landscape.


Using recent advances in mapping and modeling techniques, Norterocks focus on describing microhabitat temperatures with unprecedented detail and coverage. Under this project, we are using EnvLoggers to record microhabitat temperatures in-situ (at least 6 per site) at dozens of sites in NW Iberia (73 as of Oct 2022), and using those data to refine and validate a model that estimates temperatures at the 10-cm scale along more than 100 kms of coastline.


With these data we will analyse the distribution of specific microhabitats (with their characteristic climate and biodiversity) along the coast, and study how they have been changing over the past decades.

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