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European Temperature and Biodiversity Observation Network

  • Geographical span

Atlantic coast of Europe

  • Implementation

Since 2010

  • Funding

Fundação Para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

​FutureMARES, a Horizon 2020 project

This is the first large-scale temperature and biodiversity network implemented by us in 2010. It encompasses 22 rocky shores along the Atlantic coast of Europe, from Scotland to Morocco.

On each location (see map below), we deployed 20 autonomous temperature data-loggers at a wide variety of microhabitats.  We started by using robolimpets but then moved to the much-improved EnvLoggers, which we created specifically for this purpose. They have been continuously registering hourly temperatures in an autonomous way.


Quantitative biodiversity data were collected in 2003-2005, in 2017-2019, and in 2022. As new developments by us are making it possible to semi-automate biodiversity surveys, they will become annual.

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