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  • Geographical span

Atlantic coast of Europe

  • Implementation

Since 2023

  • Funding

Fundação Para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

In this project, we will focus on the structuring effects of canopy-forming macroalgae over intertidal communities from microhabitat to macroecological scales. 

We will quantify the thermal amelioration, wave attenuation, and shading generated by canopies and compare them to the conditions offered by turf algae or bare rock. We will also quantify the role of canopy-forming species as providers of habitat and food.


The results from this work will expand our current knowledge on how two-way biotic interactions influence the sheltering role of macroalgae, and will allow for a better parametrization of species distribution models estimating biodiversity change under future climates.


Follow the project for updates:

Twitter/X: @biointeractproj

Instagram: @biointeractproj

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