The end… for now!

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Today I serviced loggers in the final shore of this block of fieldwork trips. With its characteristic cover of oysters, Royan is quite different compared to the other shores in our European network of loggers. 

Work was complicated by a constant drizzle, but not too much. 

The oysters cover a lot of the substrate, making it quite hard to pinpoint landmarks and therefore finding some of the loggers is always a difficult task. This time I took pictures with the measuring tape tracing the locations of groups of loogers relative to each other. Hopefully it will facilitate retracing their position even if the shore is serviced by someone else (Claudia??? ;p ).

Just as I was about to finish, a oyster decided to take revenge in name of all its friends I smashed with my hammer. Deserved…

After a final gallete compl├ęte, and a long drive through the traffic at Bordeaux, I’m finally boarding the plane back home. Au revoir France!