Marco Martins

Marco Martins graduated in Electric Engineering and Computer Science – Specialization in Control and Robotics at the Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon.

He is currently working as an Electronics Engineer at INL (The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory), in Braga, Portugal. Marco belongs to the Nano-ICs Group,  and is  responsible for the test, characterisation, system level integration, and validation of electronics. NMR micro coils, MEMS sensors and magnetoresistive sensitive elements are some of the devices being evaluated for system integration and future integration.

In the past, he worked in the semiconductor industry, testing and characterizing several mixed signal integrated circuits, with subsequent system integration. He also developed the instrumentation for an infra-red chamber sensor for chemical detection, a fiber optic dip-coater for an oxygen sensor and a cell incubator temperature data logger.

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Marco Martins
INL- International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory
Avenida Mestre José Veiga s/n
4715-330 Braga