Research group at CIBIO

The core of the research group is based at CIBIO, University of Porto, Portugal. Below you can find their personal info.

Fernando P. Lima

Rui Seabra

Claudia Meneghesso

António Múrias dos Santos

Bruno Loureiro


External collaborators

These are researchers working closely with us. We often share data, technology, ideas and students. Click below to learn more about them.

David S. Wethey

Marco Martins

Michael T. Burrows


Former lab members

Here’s a list of the people that worked with us in the past but is currently elsewhere

Catarina Moreira

Ana Filipa Gomes

Miguel Gandra

Lara Sousa


Fieldwork assistants

Fortunately lots of people have been providing us with invaluable help on the field. Here you can find info on some of them.

Catarina Queiroga

Nuno Queiroz

Nuno Alexandrino

Raquel Xavier

Ricardo Araújo

Sérgia Velho