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Another morning spent at the beach surveying algae with quadrat frames. Despite a chilly weather I managed to get the job done and to recognise on the spot most of them!  Those species that were unknown were instead took to the lab for identification with guides.

The end… for now!

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Today I serviced loggers in the final shore of this block of fieldwork trips. With its characteristic cover of oysters, Royan is quite different compared to the other shores in our European network of loggers.  Work was complicated by a constant drizzle, but not too much.  The oysters cover a lot of the substrate, making it quite hard to pinpoint… Read more »

Into France and back

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Hi, today we briefly entered the French territory to service and deploy some more loggers Some perspectives of the amazing shore at Biarritz Here’s how it looks like to service the loggers in a touristic location … the only problem is not having any opportunity to swim… it’s time to return to Portugal 🙁 See you in an year, Biarritz!